BrainHQ has the features you need

You’re spending valuable time training your brain. So you probably want to know how you’re doing, and what progress you’re making.


Each time you complete an exercise level, you’ll see how many stars you have earned in that exercise. The stars show your percentile in that level of that exercise. 1 star means that you are struggling a little compared to all other people who have used the exercise. 5 stars means that you are among the best at that exercise level!

Baseline and Best

In addition to stars, you’ll see your “baseline” and “best” scores in each exercise level. Your baseline score is your performance the very first time you did the exercise. Your best is your best score. In many cases, the score is a measure of milliseconds (ms), where a lower score is actually better.

Your Training Calendar

Want to keep track of how much you’ve trained and when? You can find your personal training calendar in your profile.

Progress and Performance Chart

For detailed information on what exercise levels you have used, where you have excelled, where you need more training, and much more, you can view your Progress and Performance chart. It shows a map of every BrainHQ exercise and level. Each level you have trained in is colored in; the darker the color, the more times you have used that level. You can toggle to see your percentile and number of stars for each exercise level, too. Each square on the map is a link to an exercise level in BrainHQ, so you can quickly jump to new levels or ones that you would like to work more in.

How You Compare

Many people ask us how they’re doing for their age. The answer can be found on your comparison chart. It shows your overall percentile performance (compared to everyone else who has given their age in BrainHQ). You can scroll over each part of the comparison chart to see specifics for each exercise and level, and quickly link to where you need the most work.

Together, these progress and performance features give you a rich understanding of how your brain is performing and improving in BrainHQ!