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A Collaborative Learning Program

Translating breakthroughs in basic science into healthcare technology that benefits people is core to our mission at Posit Science. But building the technology isn’t enough – we have to understand how the technology can be put to everyday use. The focus of the Center of Excellence program is collaborative learning around how to deliver cognitive training in real-world settings. The program seeks to recognize expertise, share learning, compile “best practices,” and increase overall understanding of the impact of scientifically-validated cognitive training across numerous brain health related areas.To do this, we partner with Centers of Excellence – leading academic hospitals and research institutions that have an interest in putting the science of brain plasticity to work to help their patients.

How BrainHQ is Used at Centers of Excellence

Provide cognitive training in a research/clinical setting: Offer BrainHQ training to your clinical patients by partnering with Posit Science to cooperatively learn about how best to serve them.

Explore new uses for brain training: Use the well-validated BrainHQ exercises in new patient populations and in new ways. Develop new coaching and support models with in-person and remote models, with advice and shared learning from Posit Science and other Centers of Excellence.

Understand patient uses of brain training: Learn in your own hands how patients respond to, use, and benefit from cognitive training .

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Academic Centers of Excellence Using BrainHQ

Currently, Cognitive Training Centers of Excellence focused on Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) are based at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Healh at the Cleveland Clinic in Las Vegas, and Mayo Clinic. Centers of Excellence focused on psychiatric disorders are based at McLean Psychiatric Hospital and Miami University.

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Becoming a Center of Excellence for Cognitive Training

The Center of Excellence program is invitation only. If you’d like to learn more about the program and how it works, please contact us below.