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BrainHQ Drives Top Cognitive Performance

Cognitive performance is as important as physical performance for today’s military. Winning a battle means out-performing the opponent – and brain speed, attention, and working memory is crucial to a warrior’s success. BrainHQ can be used in military settings to drive top cognitive performance among elite performers in situations where this advantage be the difference that leads to victory.

Using BrainHQ in the Military

Measure Cognitive Performance: Use BrainHQ cognitive assessments to measure where your force stands. Identify cognitive strengths and areas needing improvement for each person. Track cognitive performance over time, through training and field operations.

Improve Cognitive Performance: Provide brain training to your force. Design personalized programs for each member, or let BrainHQ’s adaptive personal trainer build a schedule.

Supervise Cognitive Training: Track usage, progress, and performance through the secure portal. Download aggregate reports. Assign assessments and cognitive training chosen by your psychologists/performance trainers.

Ensure Security and Compliance: Rely on the only brain training program available to the military that offers a SOC-2 certification and HIPAA compliance.

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Proven Benefits for Military Users

Sharpen Cognitive Function: Deliver key cognitive benefits including faster cognitive speed, sharper attention, better memory, stronger executive function, and an expanded useful field of view.

Improve Real-World Performance: Translate cognitive benefits into real-world improvements on tasks directly relevant to military personnel, including shoot/no-shoot decision making, critical safety work, and high-performance brain function.

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Military Groups Using BrainHQ

Currently, BrainHQ is in use at United States Special Operations Command for cognitive performance training across special forces operators (including Navy Seals, Marine Raiders, Air Force Pararescue Specialists, and Army Green Berets), and in the Italian Army, where BrainHQ is used to assess to cognitive fitness of new recruits. To see a full list of sites, click here.

U.S. Navy
U.S. Marines
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
U.S. Army
U.S. Airforce

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