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BrainHQ Drives Top Cognitive Performance

Players and coaches know that cognitive performance is as important as physical performance. After all, it’s the brain that controls the movement of the body. The critical movements of play are all decision-based, and typically made in split seconds. If your brain speed is slow, then your play will be slow — no matter how physically prepared you are. BrainHQ targets brain speed and accuracy, so quicker and better split-second decisions become instinctual.

Using BrainHQ in Sports

Measure Cognitive Performance: Use BrainHQ cognitive assessments to measure where your team stands. Identify cognitive strengths and areas needing improvement for each person. Track cognitive performance over time, through pre-season training all the way through the championship.

Improve Cognitive Performance: Provide brain training to your team. Design personalized programs for each player, or let BrainHQ’s adaptive personal trainer build a schedule.

Supervise Cognitive Training: Track usage, progress, and performance through the secure portal. Download aggregate reports. Assign assessments and cognitive training chosen by your fitness trainers.

Certify Coaches: Offer your coaches and trainers our web-based BrainHQ certification course.

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Proven Benefits for Sports Teams

Sharpen Cognitive Function: Deliver key cognitive benefits proven in multiple gold-standard randomized controlled trials, including faster cognitive speed, sharper attention, better memory, stronger executive function, and an expanded useful field of view.

Improve Everyday Life: Help your patients with real-world benefits, including faster everyday speed, improved instrumental activities of daily living, better mobility, reduced at-fault auto crash risk, improved mood, and higher health-related quality of life.

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Sports Professionals Using BrainHQ

Currently, BrainHQ is in use at TB12, where it is a key part of Tom Brady’s physical and cognitive performance plan; at Microgate, developer of the Optogait and Optojump performance assessment systems, and at Bigger Faster Stronger, developers of the BFS Total Journey Program.

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Bigger Faster Stronger

Get BrainHQ For Your Organization

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