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BrainHQ: A Great Tool for Clinicians

Now you can deliver all of the benefits of BrainHQ to people in your clinical practice! You can efficiently manage BrainHQ accounts with group licenses, use the secure group portal to coach your patients to help them get the most out of BrainHQ, and administer the UFOV® assessment.

Using BrainHQ At Your Clinic

Manage Users: Create and manage accounts using group licenses for your patients through the secure web-based group portal. Add and remove patients as needed. Organize your patients into groups to align with your internal organization.

Supervise Progress: Help your users succeed. Review usage, progress, and performance of patients through the group portal to provide in-person or remote coaching. See all your patients in summary through the group portal, or log in as a specific patient to see exactly what your individual patients see.

Report on Activity: Keep track of your patients. Download detailed reports on individual user activity, or summary reports for your entire group.

Control Training: Give your patients the exercises they need. Apply custom settings to the personal trainer to give your patients specific exercises selected by you. Ensure patients focus on the training you have picked by removing features your users don’t need, like individual exercises or the ability to skip exercises.

Administer the UFOV Assessment: Provide the UFOV assessment and the validated Crash Risk Evaluation to your patients. Advise patients about their driving safety risk. Move them to BrainHQ training to improve their useful field of view and their driving safety.

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Proven Benefits for Clinic Patients

Sharpen Cognitive Function: Deliver key cognitive benefits proven in multiple gold-standard randomized controlled trials, including faster cognitive speed, sharper attention, better memory, stronger executive function, and an expanded useful field of view.

Improve Everyday Life: Help your patients with real-world benefits, including faster everyday speed, improved instrumental activities of daily living, better mobility, reduced at-fault auto crash risk, improved mood, and higher health-related quality of life.

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Clinics Using BrainHQ

Right now, leading clinical networks including Aviv Scientific, Mayo Clinic, and the Cleveland Clinic use BrainHQ as a key tool to improve brain health and cognitive function with their patients.

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Cleveland Clinic
Mayo Clinic
Apollo Health

Get BrainHQ and the UFOV Assessment for Your Clinic

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Resources for Using BrainHQ and the UFOV Assessment In Your Clinic

Looking for content and resources like trifolds, brochures, and videos to use in your clinic with BrainHQ? Find them here.

Looking for help on how to use BrainHQ in your clinic? Find it here.

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