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Health Insurers Care About Brain Health

Nowadays, health insurance plans offer benefits to keep the body healthy, like gym memberships and yoga classes. That’s great.

But what’s new—and perhaps even more important—is brain health.

Recent surveys have shown that brain health is in the top three of the “most important” concerns of older adults. What is your plan doing to meet that need?

Offering BrainHQ as a benefit through your health insurance plan can help you win new members and new contracts, engage your members all year long, deliver better health outcomes, and lower costs. That’s because BrainHQ doesn’t just offer “brain games” or some kind of placebo—the BrainHQ training exercises have been proven in study after study (more than 100 now) to provide real benefits to cognitive health.

Looking to partner with BrainHQ to bring clinically proven brain training to your members?

Why Leading Health Plans Offer BrainHQ as a Member Benefit

Medicare Advantage Plans: Take advantage of new CMS rules that allow Medicare Advantage plans to offer BrainHQ as a “memory fitness” program—paid for from rebate dollars, and offered broadly to all members with no co-pay, just like a gym benefit. Win new members that want to confront the single greatest concern of adults aged 65+—their cognitive health. Improve health outcomes and lower costs by improving brain health and cognitive performance in your members.

Medicaid Plans: Win new contracts and renew existing regions by including BrainHQ as a unique and compelling benefit. Improve brain health in members at risk for cognitive decline. Reduce the risk of declines in instrumental activities of daily living, health-related quality of life, and mood—all of which can lead to nursing home admission.

Group Health Plans: Win new employer plans with an innovative brain health benefit. Sharpen cognitive performance in members still on the job—and build brain resilience in retirees.

Security and Compliance: Rely on the only brain training program available to health plans that offers a SOC-2 certification and HIPAA compliance.

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Proven Benefits for Health Plans

Improve Health Outcomes: Use BrainHQ to deliver key benefits proven in multiple gold-standard randomized controlled trials, including improved cognitive function (like memory, speed, attention, and executive function), real-world function (like instrumental activities of daily living, hearing, and balance/gait/mobility), and quality of life (like mood, confidence, and health-related quality of life)

Reduce Costs: Lower medical expenditures by improving health-related quality of life, target specific groups where cognitive impairment is a significant risk factor for expensive care, and lower risk factors for the onset of dementia across your population.

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Health Plans Using BrainHQ

Right now, leading health insurers offer BrainHQ across the country, including Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, SCAN, and Priority Health, and others.

AllyAlign Health
Anthem, Inc
HealthTeam Advantage
IU Health
Kaiser Permanente
Priority Health
SCAN Health
Simpra Advantage

Offer BrainHQ to Your Health Plan Members

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