Brain Training Your Way

When it comes to brain training, each unique brain—and each unique lifestyle—requires something a little different. The BrainHQ exercises dynamically adapt to your individual performance, so you’re always working at the right level for you. Plus, BrainHQ is designed to fit your schedule, help you understand and track your performance, and guide you to improve in the abilities that matter most to you.

Intro to BrainHQIntro to BrainHQ

What does "brain fitness" help with in daily life? Watch a fun, short video that demonstrates just a few of the great benefits.

Brain Training That Fits Your ScheduleBrain Training That Fits Your Schedule

No matter how limited your free time is, you can fit effective brain training into your life. Learn about the various options for creating a plan that works for you.

About the BrainHQ ExercisesAbout the BrainHQ Exercises

Find thorough descriptions of each of the BrainHQ exercises, including details about how and why they were built and what real-world benefits they bring.

Special Brain Training Courses and ChallengesSpecial Brain Training Courses and Challenges

People come to BrainHQ for different reasons. Learn about the specialized brain training courses our scientists have designed to meet your individual needs.

Understanding Your ProgressUnderstanding Your Progress

You want to know how your brain is doing and track your improvements. Learn how BrainHQ’s unique performance features can help.

12 Benefits of Brain FitnessBenefits of Brain Fitness

Why do you want to improve your brain fitness? There are many reasons—including the 12 you can find here.


New to BrainHQ, and want to know more? Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

For BrainHQ Users: Tips and Training GuidanceBrainHQ Training Guidance

Have a question about the best way to train, or what something in BrainHQ means? View our Tips and Training Guidance.

BrainHQ in Different LanguagesBrainHQ in Different Languages

We are working with partners across the globe to translate BrainHQ exercises into a number of foreign languages. We add new languages periodically, so check back from time to time!