A woman with glasses sitting on a couch

San Diego, California
“I can’t sing the praises loud enough for BrainHQ,” says Roberta, who started using the program a few years ago after she retired at age 69.

At that time, her brain wasn’t feeling quite as sharp as it had. “I felt like my head was fuzzy,” she remembers. “Nothing like dementia, just not 100%.”

Roberta went to the doctor, who tested her cognitive abilities. “The doctor said it was aging,” she says. “But I didn’t care what the numbers said. I want the most out of life. I didn’t believe my brain had to stay that way.”

So when she saw an ad in the La Mesa Courier, a local paper, about a brain training class at a nearby community center, she signed up. What she heard there was aligned with her own belief that the brain could be improved at any age.

“I didn’t really need a class,” Roberta admits, “because I’m already a social butterfly.” She switched to using BrainHQ at home—and tries to fit in about 20 minutes a day, five days a week.

And for Roberta, it really worked. “I’m more aware when I’m out in the world,” she says. “I don’t have that fogginess anymore. I actually feel younger.”

As Roberta points out, this is a great thing: “If we can keep our brains working as long as possible, it’s a win-win for everyone: for ourselves, for our communities, and for our country!”