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Long Beach, CA

U.S. Army veteran Reggie M. was taking a yoga class when his teacher told him about a new class he’d be offering: a brain fitness class centered on the BrainHQ program.

Reggie thought he’d check it out. He had noticed that after knee replacement surgery, his physical health had suffered, and then his memory started going. “I asked my doctor if I needed a test for Alzheimer’s. He just said, ‘Welcome to old age!’”

“I couldn’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday, it was that bad,” Reggie says. “It seemed like my IQ was diminishing. I had trouble recalling words…sometimes they’d pop up hours after I needed them. I even felt like my comprehension was getting weaker. I’d read something and 20 minutes later I’d forgotten what I’d read!” he recalls.

Yoga was helping with physical health; Reggie thought maybe the brain fitness class could help with cognitive health. And it has. “I just find myself paying more attention to details, and it has really made an improvement in my memory,” Reggie says. He compares its positive effects to having cataract removal surgery. “I had been near-sighted forever, and when I had eye surgery suddenly I could see without glasses,” Reggie says. “It was amazing. And that’s kind of what this brain training has done. I’ve been watching my mental abilities decline, and now it’s all starting to elevate and clear. It feels like a miracle to me.”

“I don’t have much money,” says Reggie, “but if I have to, I’ll scrimp and save to do BrainHQ for the rest of my life. It’s that important to me. I recommend BrainHQ to everyone!”

We salute Reggie’s commitment to improving his health, and are happy BrainHQ is helping him reach his goals!