A man with a bald head wearing a white shirt

Ocean City, NJ

At 72, retired accountant George has lived a full life—and has no plans to stop anytime soon! As a younger man, he was a professional windsurfer, until a serious injury put him in rehab for months. Even after his rehab was over, he wasn’t back up to full health. That’s when a cousin of George’s introduced him to qigong, an ancient Chinese medical practice that can improve mental and physical health. Since then, he has become a master of the art, and has been teaching it to others for the past 28 years to help them heal.

As you may have guessed, George is a person who likes to learn and try new things. He was watching PBS one day when he saw a special that included BrainHQ’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Michael Merzenich, talking about the brain. “I have a lot of energy. I watch what I eat, I jog, I do a lot of athletic things,” says George. “When Dr. Merzenich said people need to exercise their brains, too—well, it just made sense to me.” So even though he hadn’t noticed any decline in his cognitive function, George decided to give BrainHQ a try.

Having now used BrainHQ for eight months, George says “it’s high quality—the best I’ve ever seen!” He uses the program for a half hour to an hour most days of the week, though he admits in summer he might train fewer days to enjoy the nearby beach. “I see a major difference in my performance,” says George. “I thought I was fine, but I still see results—things like not getting lost as often and faster processing. I’m noticing everything in my peripheral vision with more acute awareness. I always made it a goal in my life to stay mentally alert, but WOW, since using BrainHQ I readily feel my brain getting younger!” He also enjoys the time he spends doing the exercises: “It is rewarding to see and hear beautiful colored bubbles pop, bursts of visual effects and sounds while doing the exercises. You don’t get bored!” he notes.

George fully intends to continue to live life to the fullest for many years to come—and we are delighted that BrainHQ can be a part of his long, wonderful journey.