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Jefferson City, Missouri
“I didn’t know what I was getting into but I’m sure glad I got into it.” These are Debbie’s words used to describe her experience in the Fundamentals of Brain Health class. Debbie understood there was value in brain training, but wondered to what extent, and why BrainHQ? New motivation is what she needed–so she joined the class.

The class provided that motivation. “Learning about how the brain works was really intriguing. And I really liked learning how BrainHQ used that science to create its exercises. I didn’t realize all of the qualifications BrainHQ possessed.” Knowing the value behind BrainHQ and brain training produced a renewed investment in her brain training.

One of Debbie’s favorite aspects of this class was getting to hear from other users just like her. “The class provided a sense of community. That helped me get through the challenges I faced! Knowing you are not alone in your struggles is encouraging.” Hearing tips and tricks from other users was particularly helpful.

Another important benefit that Debbie noticed: a greater sense of self-awareness. She was able to notice strengths and challenges within her own brain health journey, and she began to pay more attention to the cognitive abilities of others. As she continues on her brain training journey, Debbie knows her newfound self-awareness is vital for maintaining her cognitive health!