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Northbrook, Illinois
Barbara, Au.D., CCC-A discovered BrainHQ through her work as an educational audiologist for the Chicago Public Schools.

As an employee of a school system, she had time this summer to explore the BrainHQ website and found a way to get the program for free. “I discovered you could get BrainHQ through some libraries,” she recalls. “Our library system here in Northbrook, IL is very progressive, so I thought I’d check and see if I could get BrainHQ as a patron of our library. It worked!”

After trying out BrainHQ, Barbara decided to keep using it herself. She stated her husband will see her on her computer and ask, “Are you playing those games again?” Barbara has kept at it because she enjoys the extensive variety of exercises, respects their scientific vigor, and feels like she’s getting a benefit. “I love it!” she says.

As an audiologist, she knows the value of the auditory exercises in BrainHQ. Barbara knows everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and admits the auditory exercises are harder for her than the visual exercises. “I always felt my visual processing was stronger than my auditory processing,” she says. “And yes it is! Keeping at the auditory exercises is not as enjoyable for me, because I struggle more with them,” she admits. “It takes a little more self-discipline to work on those exercises!”

Barbara would love to see brain training exercises like those in BrainHQ made available to kids in the school setting. “This is a wonderful service from my library,” she says. “I wish we could offer something like this to students as part of an evidence-based intervention to provide support for children with possible developmental auditory and visual processing issues. It could potentially save school districts money down the road.”

We thank Barbara for her wonderful work with school-aged children, and are happy to hear that BrainHQ has become an asset to her personal and professional life!