July 22, 2023
What Doctors Don't Tell You
Staff Reporter

Training the brain can speed recovery after knee surgery.

The brain is as important as physical exercise after ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery, and it can be harnessed to improve neuro-muscular control and knee function.

Researchers from the University of Delaware used the online brain exercise programme, BrainHQ, on 20 people after ACL surgery, whose knee functionality was measured against 20 others who had not had surgery.

The brain exercise reduced fear of further injury and surgery in the ACL group, who had registered high scores on mid-range stiffness before they started using the program.

“Just as physical exercise can contribute to brain health through better flood flow, for instance, so brain exercises can meaningfully help with physical outcomes,” explained Henry Mahncke, CEO of Posit Science, which created BrainHQ.