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Yorba Linda, California
Penelope always had a great memory, but when she retired four years ago she noticed her word retrieval was declining. “I would just hesitate when trying to find words. My husband noticed this also.”

She saw a brochure offering a brain training class offered at the Yorba Linda Community Center by the School of Continuing Education of North Orange County and signed up.

“I just love it,” Penelope says. “I appreciate how BrainHQ gives immediate feedback. I can create my own program, and if I want to skip an exercise or move on to something different I can do that. Lynda Gunderson, the instructor at the community center, is excellent.”

Penelope doesn’t just enjoy the program and the classes. She has also benefitted from them. “My working memory has really improved,” she stated. “As a gerontology-certified nurse practitioner, I wish I would have had this program years ago. I could have shared it with my patients.”

Penelope says she can feel her brain changing. “It may sound crazy, but I feel like it has opened up some pathways.”

Studies show BrainHQ can change the physical brain…so it doesn’t sound crazy to us at all!