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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
40-year-old Mike came to BrainHQ through his love of football. “I’m a Pittsburgh fan,” he says. “I watched Tom Brady and his team beat us time and time again, and I thought, ‘Hey, Tom Brady is about my age, and he’s at the top of his game. What’s he doing?’” That question led Mike to discover TB12—Tom Brady’s training regimen—and through it, TB12 BrainHQ, the brain training program Tom Brady uses himself.

But improving his football performance wasn’t Mike’s goal. Instead, he wanted to get ready for two of his own life-changing adventures. He was embarking on a new venture, investing in residential real estate to set up his family for long-term financial security. At the same time, he was about to become a first-time father. Both of these changes spurred him to dedicate real time to TB12 BrainHQ, training 30 minutes a day three times a week.

“I already had a full-time job. Adding a new investment project in real estate was definitely taking on a challenge. I wanted an edge as I worked to expand my skill set and become successful in this new field,” Mike says.

More importantly, Mike wanted to be the best father he can be. “I’m going to be close to 60 when my kid graduates from high school,” Mike muses. “I want to be sharp for fatherhood now, and stay sharp as that time goes on.” A high achiever who maintains a healthy lifestyle, Mike also sees another benefit of training with TB12 BrainHQ for his child. “I want to be a good role model and help my kid develop healthy habits. Brain training is part of a balanced approach to health.”

We wish Mike good luck on these and all future endeavors—and hope that TB12 BrainHQ helps him face every new challenge with confidence!

Editor’s note: TB12 BrainHQ is a special version of BrainHQ available through Tom Brady’s TB12 Method