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67-year old retiree Jeff lives an active and healthy lifestyle. He keeps himself healthy by following good nutritional and exercise lifestyle choices. Even though he already has a lot of healthy habits, he decided, “why not do something for the brain!”

Five years ago, after hearing Mike Merzenich speak on PBS about BrainHQ, Jeff began his brain training journey. He believes BrainHQ has a lot to offer. “The program tells you what you perform well on, and it shows you where you could improve,” he notes. As someone who is competitive in nature, Jeff likes that BrainHQ provides challenging but doable exercises to better his score and sharpen his cognitive skills. “I really enjoy the new feedback provided at the end of completing an exercise. At the top it shows your comparison to others with the use of percentiles, which gives participants a good sense of how they stand when compared to others.” Another reason Jeff appreciates BrainHQ? “The help that is offered by their staff is fantastic. You can reach out to their support team anytime and they are happy to help, and it’s a real person!”

Even though Jeff didn’t begin brain training with a deficit, he still saw cognitive improvements. His focus and concentration are better than they used to be. Jeff is also remembering more about other people (like names and faces), and he can remember more in conversations–thanks to exercises like In the Know, Face Facts, and To-do List Training. Another change he has noticed is in his driving: training on BrainHQ has enhanced his peripheral vision, visual accuracy, and depth perception. All these skills are important for driving, and Jeff says they help “keep [him] safe and alert.”

Overall, a whole “brain change” has happened for him. “Not that I was going downhill significantly but this made a positive impact on my life!”