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Sydney, Australia

38-year old Dulesh was first introduced to Dr. Merzenich’s work in neuroplasticity through the 2013 Australian documentary series Redesign My Brain. Intrigued, he started to research brain plasticity by reading The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doige, as well as other books on the subject.

Since he began training on BrainHQ in earnest in 2017, Dulesh has noticed marked improvement in his everyday attention, focus, and working memory. He has discovered a satisfying new edge in his professional life as a clinical research associate. “My colleagues have noticed that I’m sharper and more on top of things than ever before.”

Brain training has also had a positive impact on Dulesh’s hobbies. Memory and brain speed exercises give him an advantage on stage performing improvisational comedy, and his understanding and appreciation for music has improved, as well.

Dulesh has trained diligently on BrainHQ these past few years, using any downtime in his schedule as an opportunity to get a few levels done. He encourages himself (and others!) to train through frustration, since it’s when you’re at your threshold that the training is working the best. “If you can identify your weak points,” he says, “that’s the Goldilocks Zone. It lets you know where to be tenacious.”