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Invercargill, New Zealand
32-year-old Bobi-Rose lives with her extended family in a small city at the southern tip of New Zealand. Four years ago, her father, Koko, was having trouble with his memory. “He would lose a cell phone every six months and we’d have to buy him a new one,” she says. “It was so annoying!”

When Koko started training on BrainHQ, the whole family decided to join in. “We were a little competitive with each other,” Bobi-Rose recalls. “But Koko was the pro-trainer.” Still, using BrainHQ was useful for her, too. “Brain training gave me more mental control, a little bit of calm,” she says. “It helped to motivate me to do other healthy things as well. You are doing one thing so you think, I might take some vitamins and get outside. It prompted a whole well-being.” So much so, in fact, that Bobi-Rose started boxing—and ended up participating in a big charity match.

For Koko—a 61-year-old retired aluminum smelter worker—training with BrainHQ has been transformative. “I loved learning how to activate my brain and use it to full capacity. I am still brain training now, because I feel better for it,” he says. “

“I used to lose keys, wallets, and cell phones,” he admits. “Now I can trace my tracks and go back and find them. It saves a lot of frustration and anger.” Perhaps most importantly for Koko: “My mind is in a better place. I don’t get into any dark places anymore, so it’s got to be a good thing. It’s just an overall clearer headspace for me.”

“I consider myself lucky to have this brain training activity,” Koko says. “I try to explain it to friends but they can’t even comprehend the benefits to the brain!”

Here at BrainHQ, we love the idea of a family training together, and wish all the best to Koko, Bobi-Rose, and the rest of their family!