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Denver, Colorado
Several years ago, Ron Sherwood—a teacher in a public school system—saw a news piece about Posit Science’s original Brain Fitness Program. Intrigued, he tried it out—not for himself, but to see if the brain training exercises might be useful for his students, many of whom were low-scoring middle and high schoolers. “I was looking for ways to close the gap between these kids and their higher-performing peers,” he says.

What he found, though, was that it helped improve his own cognitive function, such as his memory for phone numbers.

Busy with work and life, Ron set it aside for a while. Then, after retiring last year, he bought a subscription to BrainHQ. Although he fully admits to not being a consistent BrainHQ trainer, mostly due to health reasons, he says each time he has committed to training he has noticed a benefit. “I am more alert and process things more quickly,” he explains.

Those improvements, Ron says, even helped him avoid a serious car crash earlier this year. After using the program for about six weeks, he was about to pull into a major north/south artery. He immediately realized that it was dangerous, and though he would have thought his first instinct would be to brake, he realized in a split-second that doing so would cause a crash. “Instead I floored it and charted a course through,” he says. “It was almost scary how fast my brain was!”

As Ron points out, it’s not always easy to stay committed to BrainHQ. But the benefits are worth the effort. As for Ron, he hopes to be able to get back to his training soon.