Being introduced to new people can be nerve-wracking. In most cases, you’re expected to—and probably also would like to—remember that person’s face, name, and whatever else you learned about him or her. This is a skill that can help make us all feel more confident and comfortable in situations where we meet new people. It can also help us build and maintain positive relationships with others. When a person shares a piece of information with you about his or her life, it can feel almost rude to forget it—even if through no fault of your own.

Face Facts is designed to challenge your ability to remember names, faces, and facts about other people. The exercise gets harder in two ways:

  • As you improve, the number of people you are introduced to increases.
  • In later levels, the names and facts are more similar, making it harder to keep them straight.

How to

What you do

Look at faces and read facts about them.

Skills targeted

  • People skills

How the exercise changes

  • The names and facts get more similar
  • The gender changes (men only, women only, both genders)

How you’re scored

As you improve, you have to remember more and more faces, names, and facts.

Exercise Screenshots