August 20, 2009

(SAN FRANCISCO) Most Americans believe their driving is above average but people have increasing concerns about the other guy on the road, according to a survey on consumer attitudes released today by Posit Science®, the leader in brain fitness software programs. In its recent survey of 971 U.S. adults, 51 percent said they consider themselves to be good drivers but 53 percent are worried about the bad driving of other drivers. Reaction time is the most important skill to have to maintain safety when driving, according to the majority of respondents.

In response to recent studies that have shown cell phone calls and texting while driving increase car crash risk substantially, the Department of Transportation announced that senior transportation officials, safety advocates, law enforcement representatives and academics will convene in Washington, D.C., to discuss how to best combat distracted driving. The D.O.T. Summit will be held on September 30 and October 1.

“Distraction from new communications devices have made driving more attention demanding than ever before,” said Steven Aldrich, CEO of Posit Science. “We applaud Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood for calling a national symposium to discuss what to do about today’s driving in a multi-tasking world.” Posit Science introduced DriveSharp™ last month, brain fitness software designed to improve driver safety and recommended by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. DriveSharp software consists of brain fitness exercises designed to increase reaction time by 300 percent and widen useful field of view, allowing a user to notice more in his/her peripheral view. In multiple National Institutes of Health-funded studies, the technology has shown to cut crash risk in half and to reduce dangerous driving maneuvers like unsafe lane changes.

DriveSharp, which retails for $139, is available online for demo or purchase at and also from select AAA auto clubs at the introductory price of $99. For more information on the AAA offer, please contact a participating local AAA club.