November 6, 2006

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Posit Science announces a study on breast cancer patients to evaluate the effectiveness of its Brain Fitness Program on “chemo brain.” The Brain Fitness Program is a series of computer-based exercises designed to reverse deficits in brain function, including memory loss – and to improve concentration. To participate in the study, people must either be post chemotherapy or currently taking chemotherapy, and report mental decline. They are required to train on computers in their homes for one hour a day, five days a week for two months and be willing to participate in telephone interviews and questionnaires.

As many as 80% of cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy suffer from “chemo brain.” A recent study at the Baycrest Research Centre for Aging and the Brain confirmed that the condition is caused by chemotherapy. “Chemo brain” results in a deficit in cognitive function and affects quality of life by impairing ability to concentrate, make decisions and fulfill responsibilities.

Studies have shown that older adults who complete the Brain Fitness Program increase their memory on average ten years or more. They also report increased focus and energy. This latest study is designed to determine if patients suffering from “chemo brain” will experience the same positive results as patients suffering from age-related cognitive decline.

Posit Science scientists were inspired to do this study by people like Cynthia Ryan, who suffered from chemo brain. Ryan says she was apprehensive about taking a new job in sales because chemotherapy had robbed her of her ability to concentrate and articulate thoughts. After doing the Brain Fitness Program, she says, “It felt like the fog lifted. I was surprised at my ability to speak clearly again and communicate effectively both over the phone and with customers.”

“We are hopeful that we will positively impact the lives of people already traumatized by this terrible disease,” says Cate Stasio, Director of Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs at Posit Science, herself a breast cancer survivor. “Based on the anecdotal evidence, we believe that the Brain Fitness Program will enable many cancer survivors to regain the mental sharpness they had before chemotherapy and to function in the real world as effectively they did before.”

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