September 18, 2014

(New York) – What if you could make your mind better, faster and stronger starting right now?  Science Channel is searching for answers by taking the idea of brain games to a whole new level in the three-hour special HACK MY BRAIN.  Join host, adventurer and entrepreneur Todd Sampson as he works to take his brain from “average joe” to ”memory champion” to escape artist in just a few months, and invites viewers at home to test their mental prowess right along with him. HACK MY BRAIN premieres on Science Channel on Friday, September 19 at 8-11 PM ET/PT.

HACK MY BRAIN is the type of thought-provoking programming Science Channel is known for,” says Rita Mullin, General Manger of Science Channel. “The brain is one of mankind’s greatest uncharted territories.  We have only scratched the surface of the brain’s potential.  Todd invites viewers to ‘play along’ as he explores possibilities of what we can accomplish with the power of the mind.”

“We set out to prove that anyone, regardless of their station in life, has the ability to improve their brain,” says host Todd Sampson.  “It was a remarkable journey and I’m absolutely thrilled that the Science Channel – the brainiest channel on TV – is bringing it to America.”

The human brain has long fascinated scientists, and with revolutionary new studies of its depth and capabilities, humans are learning how to use their brains to accomplish more than ever before.  The secret has come through an understanding of brain plasticity.  This cutting-edge science has found that anyone at any age can become smarter, improve their memory, and reverse mental aging with proper training, including playing a few simple brain games every day to get the mind in shape. In just three months an ordinary brain could become a super brain.

Brain plasticity can help anyone meet their full human potential and it will revolutionize how we live in the future. The possibilities are endless as man is now on the brink of curing ailments that have affected us since the dawn of time, from mental disorders, such as OCD, bipolar disorder, addiction, ADD, autism and even some dementias.  From juggling to card tricks, HACK MY BRAIN takes viewers on the ultimate interactive mind trip.

HACK MY BRAIN is produced for Science Channel by Mindful Media. For Science Channel, Rocky Collins is executive producer, Jeff Stepp is coordinating producer, and Bernadette McDaid is vice president of production. Rita Mullin is general manager of Science Channel. Paul Scott in the Executive Producer for Mindful Media.

To test your brain and see how it measures up against Todd’s, go to BrainHQ, the brain-training program Todd used to improve his thinking speed, attention, and memory, was developed by Dr. Michael Merzenich, chief scientific consultant for HACK MY BRAIN and author of Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life.