March 8, 2007

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Posit Science Corporation was recognized today by the American Society on Aging for its scientifically proven Brain Fitness Program(TM). ASA awarded Posit Science its Small Business award.

The ASA grants this honor each year to companies that provide exemplary programs to meet the needs of the aging population. Posit Science, the leader in brain fitness, develops software programs to enable people to stay sharp at any age. It is the only company with peer-reviewed, randomized, controlled and published studies proving its programs improve cognitive function. Studies such as these are the means by which consumers can determine whether programs actually work.

“At Posit Science, we are proving that cognitive ability can be enhanced at any age,” said CEO Jeff Zimman. “I am accepting this award on behalf of the scores of scientists around the world who have assisted in building and validating our programs. I also must acknowledge generations of scientists who came before us. We build on the shoulders of giants. We would like to thank the ASA for recognizing our efforts.”

Multiple studies show the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program enhances memory and other cognitive function by ten or more years, on average. Studies also show that the program enables people over age 60 to think as quickly as a 30 year old, helping them to stay sharp and vibrant at all stages of life. Thousands of people have used the Posit Brain Fitness Program, often with life changing benefits.

Ralph Clark, 72, is one of many customers who have enjoyed the program’s benefits. “I’m more alert, just more able to size things up, quicker in whatever environment, whatever situation.”

The Posit Science Brain Fitness Program is offered at more than 120 retirement communities across the country, through more than 100 authorized providers and is offered by Humana insurance to its Medicare members. Consumers can also purchase directly from

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