November 12, 2015

(New York, NY) BrainHQ from Posit Science, the only brain-training program that has been clinically proven to improve cognitive performance, today launched its highly anticipated Spanish-language website ( At a summit in New York City, Posit Science unveiled the new site, BrainHQ en español, by offering a test-drive experience to national media to demonstrate the value of brain fitness to the Latino community. With over 40 million native Spanish speakers in the US alone, Spanish-language access to these exercises is critically important, providing an effective platform for making lasting improvements in brain function to the Spanish-speaking world.

Posit Science has been building brain-training programs since 2003. The company launched BrainHQ in 2011 to offer clinically validated, online cognitive exercises to adults of all ages. The exercises are designed to improve brain function across all areas of cognition, including memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, navigation, and intelligence. Designed to increase the quantity of sensory information the brain can process effectively and improve the quality with which the brain processes this information, these training technologies are uniquely effective. “Giving Spanish speakers access to our tools has always been a priority of ours and we are thrilled to announce the official expansion of our offering to this important segment,” says CEO Henry Mahncke, PhD.

The exercises in BrainHQ are based on research by Posit Science co-founder Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD—one of the world’s leading experts on neuroplasticity — and other brain experts. Merzenich and a team of staff scientists continue to research, design, and update BrainHQ as new neuroscience discoveries are made. Posit Science also works with a global team of over 50 scientific collaborators from universities such as Yale, the University of California at San Francisco, and Harvard, who give input into the design of the exercises and perform clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the exercises.

With fluency in more than one language widely recognized as a form of mental exercise, bilingual Hispanics already have an advantage in the field of brain training. With BrainHQ, they can sharpen their cognitive functions even further.

“This is an exciting time, as we are finally able to introduce brain training to the Spanish-speaking population,” added Itzel Orduña, PhD in Behavioral and Neural Sciences and current researcher at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. “BrainHQ’s cognitive exercises tap into our enormous brain potential bringing real, lasting changes to cognitive function, including better memory and sharper attention—and those changes, in turn, can lead to increased confidence, safer driving, happier mood, better health outcomes, and many other benefits for everyday life.”