December 5, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Posit Science Corporation, the leader in scientifically validated programs that improve cognitive performance, today announced the founding members of its Special Advisory Board. Comprised of pioneers in aging services, marketing, neuroscience, education and advocacy, the Board will help Posit Science as it defines a new market category and brings its training programs to an aging population. The Advisory Board includes former Texas Governor Ann Richards, Ageless Marketing guru David Wolfe and “Sesame Street” creator Lloyd Morrisett.

“Medical science has made real progress toward mitigating the mental and physical effects of aging – helping us to live longer and better. Our programs complement these advances by helping us improve memory and mental agility as we age,” said Posit Science CEO Jeff Zimman. “Our Special Advisory Board consists of original thinkers, many of whom have defined new industries and created new national policies, programs and categories.”

Posit Science is creating the first scientifically-proven, cognitive enhancement programs, which are based on more than 30 years of research and discovery into how the brain works. The Special Advisory Board will advise the company as it seeks to build the cognitive fitness market category and educate consumers on brain health.

“As a pioneer myself, I am honored to help spread the word about a company that is defining the next wellness frontier,” said Richards. “Posit Science has used decades of scientific research to develop programs that I believe not only improve mental fitness but also enhance lives.” The founding members of the Special Advisory Board include:

  • Jennie Chin Hansen, retired executive director of On Lok, Inc., began her career driving the effort to provide community-based healthcare throughout San Francisco for the elderly but the ripple effect of her work is recognized throughout the country and created the PACE model under the Medicare Act. She continues to be an outspoken advocate in bringing innovative services to the aged.
  • Avram Miller, former business development leader at Intel, is well-known for being one of the first individuals to harness the power of the internet as it became an influential new medium in the 1990s. He is currently a prominent venture investor, heading up The Avram Miller Company.
  • Lloyd Morrisett is one of the visionary creators of public television’s Sesame Street, and the cofounder of Sesame Street Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization that has been addressing critical development needs to improve children’s lives since 1968. Morrisett is considered an expert at navigating new industries.
  • Ann Richards has devoted her life to public service, winning widespread acclaim for her accomplishments as an elected official and as an inspirational national leader and role model. Richards is the former Governor of Texas.
  • Jerry Swartz was the co-founder and CEO of Symbol Technologies (NYSE: SBL), which drove the widespread adoption of bar codes and laser scanners and in 1999 was awarded the National Medal of Technology. Dr. Swartz is also the founder of the Swartz Foundation for Computational Neuroscience, with centers at eight leading universities and institutes. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and an IEEE Fellow.
  • Arthur H. White is co-founder and Vice Chairman of Yankelovich, (formerly Yankelovich, Skelly & White). White spearheaded research that led to the “discovery” and naming of the Generation Gap. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Smithsonian’s Reading is Fundamental program as well as on the board of several community and education organizations.
  • David Wolfe is the co-author of Ageless Marketing, a groundbreaking work on the aging baby boomer generation that details the core values, buying behaviors, and emotional factors that distinguish this majority population.
  • Steve Zaleznick was formerly the President and CEO of AARP Services Inc., a Washington D.C.-based subsidiary of the AARP, a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people 50 and over. He is CEO of the Longevity Alliance.