March 16, 2006

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Posit Science Corporation, the leader in scientifically validated programs that improve cognitive performance, announced the immediate availability of its Authorized Provider Program today. The Provider Program allows a broad range of people and organizations serving seniors to sell Posit Science programs to individuals.

“We’ve received hundreds of inquiries by professional caregivers who want to be able to resell our Brain Fitness Program,” said Posit Science Sales VP, Mark Patton. “These folks see the need daily and want to help. By partnering with people who already know these people and how to improve their quality of life, we ensure an added value to our customers.”

Posit Science seeks providers that share the company values of clarity, learning, empathy, authenticity and respect. “We look forward to partnering with people and organizations whose primary goal matches our own: to help people improve brain fitness so their brainspan matches their lifespan™.”

Posit Science is creating the first scientifically-proven, cognitive enhancement programs, which are based on more than 30 years of research and discovery into how the brain works. To receive certification, Providers will be trained to understand the science behind the program.