March 28, 2012

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Smart phones have been around for years, but now there will be phones that can actually make you smarter.

The wireless products and services company GreatCall has teamed up with the brain fitness company Posit Science to introduce brain fitness exercises on the new model of GreatCall’s Jitterbug cell phone, according to officials of both companies attending the American Society on Aging annual conference in Washington DC today.

“Our customers have been asking for additional services that meet their needs and aspirations,” said Madeline Pantalone, VP for Strategy & Business Development at GreatCall. “The Jitterbug phone will continue to offer many new services, and the one that everyone seems to be talking about is brain exercises that make you sharper.”

GreatCall’s Jitterbug phone is designed for people who want an easy to use mobile phone experience. It includes “senior friendly” features such as big buttons, a bright color screen with large easy to read text and simple navigation. It also now includes services and apps, such as 5Star Urgent Response for personal help in any situation, and the MedCoach app for medication reminders and prescription refills. The Posit Science brain exercises will expand the offering from health and safety, to also include wellness.

“Our mission is to get the science out of the labs and into the hands of people,” said Dr. Henry Mahncke, CEO of Posit Science. “GreatCall is a trusted supplier of terrific cell phone services. We are delighted to be offering our proven exercises in more and more places, especially on the Jitterbug phone.”

Posit Science markets computerized brain exercises that have been shown to improve brain speed, attention, memory and numerous standardized measures of quality of life in more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, published in leading science and medical journals.

The first brain fitness exercises are slated to be added to the Jitterbug service in the third quarter of 2012 and will be free to Jitterbug phone subscribers.