January 24, 2005

(SAN FRANCISCO ) Neuroscience Solutions Corporation, a leader in applied neuroscience and creator of programs that enhance cognitive function, announced plans today to change its name to Posit Science Corporation.

According to Jeff Zimman, CEO of Posit Science Corporation, “Our new name fits who we are and how we work. Posit means ‘to put forward or advance.’ This is how our scientists approach brain health“putting forward large advances to enhance cognitive function as we grow older. Science provides the foundation for all our work. Our programs are designed with rigorous scientific and consumer research, and are validated in studies with the foremost researchers in leading universities around the world.“

“Our new name articulates more clearly our purpose and direction,“ Zimman explained. “At Posit Science our mission is to be the leading provider of scientifically-validated brain health programs that will enhance cognitive function and promote healthy aging.“