December 1, 2005

(ORLANDO, FL) Leisure Care, one of the country’s leading providers of senior housing and related services, announced today that they will partner with Posit Science Corporation, a leader in scientifically-validated brain fitness programs, and will roll out Posit Science’s Brain Fitness Program™ to 25 of their sites. Leisure Care is the first manager of multiple communities to become a Certified Provider of the program, making it available to not only their 4000 residents but also to nonresidents who want to see how staying sharp can be fun.

Leisure Care initiated the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program in its Heritage Estates community in Livermore, California, where residents are already feeling the positive effects, only half way through the eight week program.

“We really believe in this program and look forward to all we can do together to enhance our residents’ daily lives. The participants love coming to our Brain Training class. They have a great time with it. It’s genuinely fun!” said Gina Sileo, a brain fitness coach at Heritage Estates.

Dan Madsen, CEO of Leisure Care couldn’t agree more. “Leisure Care communities emphasize maintaining a fun, active lifestyle and we were inspired to find an entertaining brain fitness program that helps keep you sharp. Our residents love to live life, and there’s nothing more important to living life to the fullest than an active mind.”

“Medical science has made tremendous progress toward mitigating the physical effects of aging – helping us to live longer,” said Posit Science CEO Jeff Zimman. “Posit Science’s programs complement these advances by helping people improve their memory and mental agility at any age. We are thrilled to partner with a leader who wants to play a part in the revolution coming in brain health and fitness.”

Posit Science is creating the first scientifically-validated programs to enhance cognitive performance as we age. The Posit Science Brain Fitness Program is being offered to leading senior communities for their residents. “Our objective is to transform lives and communities,” Zimman said.