October 25, 2006

(San Francisco, CA) Posit Science Corporation today announced the launch of the Brain Fitness Channel, the most comprehensive website ever on brain fitness. www.bfc.positscience.com. This free site provides one stop shopping for people of all ages to get up-to-date information about keeping their minds sharp throughout life. This is of particular interest to the 78 million Baby Boomers who are concerned about brain health for themselves and their parents.

The Brain Fitness Channel debunks myths – like explaining why crossword puzzles are not enough to keep you mentally fit – and unlocks the mysteries surrounding the brain, including how memory works. The site chronicles how scientists around the world are developing non-invasive techniques to keep brains operating at peak performance. Website features include memory and brain speed tests as well as categories such as the “amazing brain,” “brain healthy practices” and “what you need to do so you don’t lose it.” It’s the first stop for people who want to keep their minds sharp and vital for a more vibrant life.

The launch of the Brain Fitness Channel coincides with the release of the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program version 2.0. This program is proven to improve memory, sharpen focus and speed up thinking. In just a few weeks, people who use these easy-to-use computer-based exercises strengthen their brains, and train them to function as they did when they were younger. Published scientific studies of people 60 years and older show that program graduates process information on average at the rate of a 35 year old. They also improve their memory on average by ten years, sometimes by much more. Graduates of the program report higher energy levels, being more alert and improved communication. The result, a greater sense of self-confidence. The Brain Fitness Program was developed by the same team of scientists who built the Brain Fitness Channel.

Users of the Brain Fitness Program 2.0 enjoy immediate benefits. Mary West, a 77 year old retired professor, was beginning to worry about not being quite as sharp as she once was. After doing the Brain Fitness Program she says, “It changed my life. It’s sharpened my mental acuity. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. And the effect has lasted.”

“Our goal at Posit Science is for brain span to match life span so that people can remain vibrant throughout life,” says Eric Mann, Posit Science Vice President of Marketing. “We are thrilled to announce the release of the Brain Fitness Channel and of our new version of the Brain Fitness Program, both important steps towards that goal.”