October 1, 2008

(NORTHBROOK, IL) Demonstrating its commitment to increase driver safety and improve its customer’s overall quality of life, Allstate (NYSE:ALL) today announced it is launching a groundbreaking brain fitness software program, InSight™. Examining the latest advance in driving safety, Allstate believes this innovative program has the potential to improve what could be the most important piece of auto safety equipment – the mind of the driver.

Unlike most brain fitness software, InSight is designed to reverse age related cognitive decline and greatly improve a driver’s visual alertness. If using the software is successful in reducing accident rates among customers 50 years and older, Allstate hopes to begin offering discounts to drivers who use the computer-based exercises to help improve their mental sharpness. Allstate has entered into a relationship with Posit Science®, the leader in clinically validated brain fitness programs and developer of InSight™, to offer this software program.

“Allstate’s commitment to reinventing protection for the consumer – at every stage in life – goes beyond protecting possessions. With this revolutionary program, we’re offering people an innovative solution in hopes of improving their personal safety and quality of life,” said Tom Warden, assistant vice president, Allstate Research and Planning Center. “Allstate has a strong history of providing differentiated products and services that add value for our customers, and we are continually seeking solutions to build upon this commitment. Together with Posit Science, we are embarking into an uncharted territory helping to meet the needs of a growing population.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 30 million licensed drivers age 65 and older in 2006, an 18 percent increase from 1996. The number of mature drivers will only continue to rise as those from the baby boomer generation become seniors.

The Posit Science software has been shown in more than a dozen National Institutes of Health funded studies to improve visual processing skills known to be important for safe driving. The technology has been shown to reduce dangerous driving maneuvers by up to 40% and improve stopping distance by an average of 22 feet when traveling at 55 miles per hour. In fact, scientific studies have demonstrated that training can reduce crash risk by up to 50%. Allstate’s roll out is intended to evaluate interest in and effectiveness of this approach to improving driving performance.

“Allstate leads the way in driver safety once again by focusing on the number one driver safety device, the brain,” said Jeff Zimman, CEO of Posit Science. “Allstate should be applauded for protecting more than your car and your wallet; they are also protecting you and saving lives by implementing a program shown to improve driving abilities and reduce crash risk.”

Allstate and Posit Science will launch the test of the InSight™ software program in Pennsylvania. Allstate will invite selected Pennsylvania drivers, 50 years and older to help validate the impact cognitive training has on driving safety. For a demonstration of the InSight™ software and for additional information on clinically proven results, log onto www.allstate.com.