October 10, 2007
ELDR Magazine
Staff Reporter

Brain fitness exercises can keep you sharp and help prevent dementia. Get ready to start pumping ions!

Your brain is amazing. It weighs only about three pounds, is small enough to hold in your hands, and yet it contains 100 billion or more nerve cells that orchestrate every single aspect of your thoughts, your perceptions, and your behaviors.

If you take good care of your brain, like other organs and muscles, it will stay strong and vibrant. If you don’t take care of your brain, it will slowly weaken. But cognitive decline is not inevitable. You can fight back. If you learn how to exercise your brain, how to provide it with the nutrition it needs, the environment stimulation it craves, and even the sleep it requires, you can not only avoid dementia, but you can, in fact, strengthen your brain.

In the artices below, you’ll discover the significance of exercising your brain, and you just might find a technique that’s right for your lifestyle.

Taking Care of Your Brain: An Introduction
From better memory recall to disease prevention, the benefits of exercising your brain and your body are boundless.

Brain Fitness and Alzheimer’s Disease
Studies have shown that keeping your brain in shape may help to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Brain Benefits of Aerobic Exercise
Find the exercises that work best for you so that you can reap the biggest rewards.

The Brain Fitness Software Alternative
New computer programs deliver on their promise to improve the brain’s ability to process, store, and recall speech.

Ready, Set, Go! Get Started Today
You can start exercising your brain today with some simple routines.

Cross Train Your Brain
Neurobics is the newest way to exercise your brain. Practice one of these 8 examples to get started.

Alvaro and Lisa’s Brain Vacation
The co-founder of SharpBrains and his wife trek through France, Norway, and Spain to attend events and do exercises to stimulate their brains.

Ten Best Foods (and Supplements) for Brain Health
Incorporating eggs into your diet can enhance memory and minimize fatigue. Read on to see 9 more of the best foods and supplements for optimal brain health.