February 1, 2021
Sports Illustrated
Kyle T. Mosley

Tom Brady incorporates BrainHQ into his daily workout regimen to stay mentally sharp as an NFL signal-caller and playing in his 10th Super Bowl.

Professional athletes are always seeking an advantage over their competition. Often they find performance enhancement in the form of medicinal products or over-the-counter formulas, but in a few pros, it’s about sharpening their minds. Neuroscience provides the edge required to be an elite performer.

On Thursday evening, I met the developer of BrainHQ and founder of Posit, Dr. Henry Manhcke. Why are Mancke and BrainHQ important? Examine the recent performance of NFC South quarterback and six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. “Brady credits BrainHQ with giving him a competitive edge, allowing him to process the field split-seconds faster than his competition even into his forties,” per the company’s press announcement.

Brady, 43, is playing in his 10th Super Bowl, and he helped transform the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from mediocrity to potentially hoisting the franchise’s second Lombardi Trophy.

I asked Manhcke how did Brady become acquainted with the benefits of using BrainHQ. He responded, “Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero [contacted], and he said to us, “Hey, did you know that Tom Brady is using BrainHQ.” And, we said that, hey, as a matter of fact, we did not know that.”

At that point, Manhcke was intrigued. “And so, you know, they invited us to fly out to Foxboro, and we met with Tom’s personal brain training team. There’s no other way to put it. It was just kind of a wild experience for me. I am a lab rat. I have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and to take this program that we had originally thought would be for older people and have Tom talk us through how much he was getting out of it as a young guy, and frankly as a young guy who was always pretty sharp to start with. So it opened all of our minds [at BrainHQ] around how brain training should work.”

What grew from Brady’s meeting was a new approach, analysis, and applications for brain fitness. Today, Manhcke said his group “thinks about brain fitness the same way we think of physical fitness.”

Today not only athletes, healthcare organizations, but businesses, industrial companies, and ordinary citizens utilize BrainHQ’s software and app. The program and app will guide you through exercises with step-by-step instructions. Manhcke mentioned BrainHQ could be assigned a personal consultant if necessary.

Physical fitness should be the primary approach while implementing BrainHQ as a part of your daily workout regimen. “Brady has attributed his longevity as an athlete to his TB12 Method, including tailored exercises, diet, recovery, and brain training from BrainHQ,” according to BrainHQ.

The company’s website mentions hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that recognize BrainHQ to improve cognition, attention, decision-making, brain speed, memory, intelligence, and even people skills.

Dr. Henry Mahncke, CEO of Posit Science and the developers of BrainHQ were featured in Fast Company, International Business Times, MarketWatch, TechCrunch, and Forbes, among other publications. Visit www.brainhq.com to start your venture into brain fitness.