March 31, 2020
David Emerson

“In conclusion, this study adds to the clinical significance of lifestyle interventions by demonstrating improved cognition (chemobrain) following 16 weeks of walking and resistance training together with computerized visual and auditory cognitive training (brain games)…”

I am a long-term multiple myeloma survivor. I’ve undergone chemotherapy. I have a multiple myeloma side-effect called Post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment aka chemobrain or chemo fog. You’re reading this blog post to learn if physical activity and brain games can help you manage chemobrain.

Examples of my own experience with chemobrain pertain primarily to my executive function. Not only word recall but memory issues such as

  • facial recognition,
  • focus,
  • multi-tasking,

other issues. This side-effect of high dose chemotherapy wasn’t even acknowledged by conventional oncology until recently. So therapies to heal chemobrain are based on my own research and based primarily on my own experiences.

Without a doubt, my own chemobrain symptoms have been improved by brain games in general, Posit Science’s  specifically. I no longer worry that I will run into an old friend on the street only to forget his/her name. I realize that forgetting names is relatively common as we age but my confidence as a cancer survivor has improved after my facial recognition abilities have improved.

Not only do physical activity and brain games improve brain function aka chemobrain according to the article below but so does nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle therapies such as whole-body hypothermia aka sauna. I know because I have come a long way in healing my own chemobrain

I am a long-term cancer survivor of a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. I identified my chemobrain years ago. I have identified a host of therapies. While I don’t know what is normal brain aging versus chemobrain, I have dedicated myself to keep my brain healthy. My body too but that’s a different blog post.

To learn more about those evidence-based therapies shown to support brain health scroll down the page, post a comment or a question and I will reply to you ASAP.