April 15, 2009
ABC15 Arizona
Jennifer Harrington

At La Siena we take a holistic approach to wellness, providing attention to the body, mind and spirit.

The Posit Science Brain Fitness Program and the Biodex Balance Machine are just two of the resources that residents of La Siena use to improve their quality of life and retain their independence.

The Brain Fitness Program is called Posit Science. It involves exercises that improve brain processing speed, auditory clarity, memory and attention.

A global team of neuroscientists designed this program. And, although it is beneficial for mature adults, people as young as age 30 can find benefits as well.

The computer based program actually adjusts to each user.

As the individual shows progress, the software steps up and challenges to a next level. Anyone can use it even without any computer experience.

La Siena BrainFit graduates are quick to share their success.

One student found that he was able to learn the names of his fellow residents easier after taking the class while another found that he was able to pay better attention during the news which allowed him to be more engaged in conversations concerning current events.

Among the physical fitness training and equipment at La Siena, you will find the Biodex Balance Machine.

For older adults, falls are a leading cause of serious health problems.

At La Siena we use the Biodex to identify any issues with resident balance and then formulate a training program for improving areas of weakness.

Residents receive one on one attention as they move through the Biodex exercises.

The Biodex steps are in the form of games making this a challenging and an enjoyable exercise for anyone.

On May 27th, National Senior Health and Fitness Day, La Siena will have it’s first Biodex Olympics where residents can compete with one another on the many games of the Biodex.

The BrainFit program and the BioDex Balance program are just two examples of how La Siena incorporates an emphasis on wellness for our residents.

Residents are able to choose among many wellness programs with no pressure.

Other fun activities include aquatic aerobics, balance and stretch, participating in the book club or simply joining a group for an adventurous outing out and about.

At La Siena, residents have the opportunity to make health and exercise a fun part of their daily living.

Keeping the mind and body connected through movement is critical to the senior population and at La Siena residents enjoy staying active and having fun doing it.