November 24, 2015
Fight News Asia
Lito Delos Reyes

A NEW SCIENTIFIC way of healing and protecting the brain without drugs is now here in the Philippines. BrainHQ, the leading international brain fitness online training, is a natural cognitive training that is scientifically designed with proven effectiveness in over 70 peer-reviewed publication.

“BrainHQ can heal and protect the brain without drugs,” said noted Fil-American neuroscientist Dr. Patricio Reyes,MD, FAAN, a former professor of Neurology and Neuropathology in the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a Director of Nueroscience Clinic and Research the Phoenix Group in Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Reyes launched BrainHQ in Davao City and General Santos City last week together with BrainHQ Philippines president and CEO Sylvia Cancio.

Their team, who had also promoted it earlier in Cebu and Manila, met with the professional boxers, trainers and coaches in Davao City at the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) Davao field office.
Among those present were reigning International Boxing Organization (IBO) world light flyweight champion Rey “Hitman” Loreto, former WBO world champion Edrin “Sting” Dapudong, Interim WBO Orient lightweight champion Jay-Ar Inson.

It was also joined by trainers/coaches Rene Inocian and Brix Sambray of MP Davao Boxing Gym, Bruce Lerio of Sonshine Sports and Jun Sagarino of Davao City Amateur Boxing Club (Dacaboc).

Reyes, 69, and his team later went to Gensan to talk with almost one hundred students, teachers and parents at the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. Also present were the boxing trainers of Sanman Promotions – Renie Gabawa and Dondon Jimenea and one of their prized fighters Jether Oliva, current WBF Asia Pacific flyweight champion.

Reyes, one of the few board certified and practicing neurologists and neuropathologists in the US discussed more about how BrainHQ can improved the brain especially for students, who want to improve in their studies and skills. Reyes also talked with the parents on how BrainHQ can helped those with families with Alzeimer’s disease.

“Our objective is to offer a drug free strategy known as BrainHQ to help patients recover from acquired and hereditary conditions, as well as normal persons who want to improve their memory, comprehension, thinking, reading, concentration and skills,” said Reyes, a co-founder, Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the Scientific Advisory board of Yuma Therapeutics Inc., a Harvard Medical School affiliated Biotechnology Company that develops new diagnostic markers and treatment for Alzeimers’s disease and traumatic brain injury.

“This later goal is particularly important to the middle aged and elderly who could use BrainHQ to be less vulnerable to Alzheirmer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease strokes and other forms of brain degeneration,” said Reyes, a pioneer in the fields of aging Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Reyes said that BrainHQ has been the only proven method of alleviating the devastating symptoms of brain diseases that may include strokes, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, concussion and sports related entitities such as dementia pugilistica previously described in retired boxers and chronic traumatic encephalopathy among National Football League, hockey and baseball players as well as boxers, wrestlers and military service men and women.”

During the past decades, an old concept known as Neuroplasticity has been the research subject of a few neuroscientists in their attempt to improve brain function after injury.
BrainHQ was developed by Dr. Michael Merzenich, the world’s pioneer and leading expert on neuroplasticity and its clinical application.

Merzenich met Reyes a few months ago and since then have discussed collaboration on how they can modify BrainHQ to help patients with spinal cord paralysis and other neurologic deficits.
Merzenich has spent his entire life proving the efficacy and utility of neuroplasticity methods to allow damaged brain to remodel itself.

“Some of his studies pave the way for the development of brain implants to restore hearing in deaf patients,” said Reyes.

Merzenich developed BrainHQ based on several animal and human investigations that are published in peer reviewed medical and scientific journal.

BrainHQ is now being introduced to various communities as an innovative, safer and toxicity free therapy of horrible neurologic conditions.

“It can be combined with medications to enhance recovery if necessary,” said Reyes, a Board and CME Committee member of Association of Ringside Physicians, USA.

Reyes, a Chief Medical Officer of Retired NFL Players, USA, introduced the role of neuroplasticity and BrainHQ for the treatment of brain injury due to concussion, among athletes and members of the military in the recently concluded United Nations summit on Concussion held in New York City.

This is supported by clinical and experimental evidence that BrainHQ can lead to healing and remodeling of the injured brain and strengthening brain function in normal individuals.
“It is therefore important both in the treatment and prevention of incapacitating neurologic conditions,” Reyes said.

BrainHQ Philippines is designated by BrainHQ Posit Science based in the United States of America to be the exclusive distributor in the Philippines of brainHQ.

“We are committed to promoting overall health and wellbeing that starts with a strong brain funtions and that is known to power up the body’s mental, physical and emotional faculties,” said Cancio, a Filipino-American entrepreneur and certified accreditor of International Therapy Examination Council.

BrainHQ Philippines also has two medical consultants Corina Maria Socorro Azures-Macalintal, MD, FPAN and Vincent Beredo Macalintal, MD, FPAN.

“Think faster, focus better, remember more,” said Cancio.

BrainHQ Philippines has its office at 2240 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati with tel. no. 800-MIND (6463) or (632) 893-7537 or visit or or follow at facebook/BrainHQPhilippines or twitter@brainhqph.