November 17, 2010
Insurance & Financial Advisor
Bob Graham

New brain-training software could reduce the number of at-fact vehicle accidents involving older drivers, and insurers could offer discounts for people over 50 years old who complete the training.

Posit Science, a brain-training software provider, says its study showed that participants in its training program have lower at-fault car accident rates than those who do not participate.

The Insight software program resulted from a partnership between Posit Science and Allstate Insurance, which may offer auto insurance discounts if the training program proves effective for drivers older than 50 years of age, according to an online insurance provider, Online Auto Insurance.

The software study assigned brain-training exercises to 908 drivers, average age 73, and then documented their driving records for six years.

Result show that participants who were given “speed-of-processing” and reasoning training had 50% lower at-fault rates than the control group.

However, the high risk auto insurance status of elderly motorists and the accident-rate reduction associated with the study may be insurance implications, according to Online Auto Insurance.

More research needs to be conducted before the effects of the training can be ascertained, Online Auto Insurance said.