May 20, 2009
Ballard News-Tribune
Staff Reporter

Fifteen Greenwood seniors have participated in the PositScience Brain Fitness program in the past year and have reported the overall outcome of the program has been positive.

Described as taking one’s brain to the gym for a workout, the Brain Fitness program at the Greenwood Senior Center is designed to strengthen specific areas of the brain.

Those who have participated have said they feel an improvement in memory as well as an increase in energy and mood elevation.

“The exercises in the Brain Fitness program target the auditory and verbal memory systems of the brain,” said Peter Delahunt, Ph.D. “It should be noted that auditory and memory processing is distributed across many areas of the brain. However, the following areas are of particular importance.”

Requiring participants to commit about 40 hours during a 12 week span, time is set aside for each participant to work at their own convenience in the senior center computer lab.

Personal assistance coaches are available on-hand.

For more information or to make an appointment to experience the various exercises in the program call Liz at 297-0875.