July 16, 2009
Staff Reporter

Drivers who are looking to sharpen their minds and improve their safety on the road may benefit from a new software program being offered by AAA.

The software, named DriveSharp, provides a set of game-like computer exercises with the goal of improving reaction time, reducing crash risk, and increasing control in the majority of driving conditions.

The software has been shown to cut crash risk in half, improve stopping distance by up to 22 feet at 55mph, and help drivers maintain their driving skills even as they age. It is produced by Posit Science, which is a leading developer of brain fitness programs.

AAA Mountain West is now offering the program, which normally retails for $139, to its members at a discounted price of $99. Those at AAA say the software is especially beneficial for Montanans.

Angela Swartz, Team Manager for AAA, explains, “It will help the mature drivers who want to stay active in the Montana population. It can improve their driving safety skills and not only save lives, but save money for all Montanans through tax dollars spent on health care costs.”

DriveSharp’s technology has been validated in studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and in leading science and medical journals. For more information, head to www.drivesharpnow.com.