July 30, 2020
Upside Down Shark
Craig Baughan

We talk about his current project BrainHQ.com, and how it can train your brain to be better.

We also talk about video games, pizza and of course, sharks.

BrainHQ is your online headquarters for working out your brain.

A little about Henry Mahncke:
He joined Posit Science at its inception in 2003 as Vice President of Research & Outcomes, where he led the first large-scale clinical trials of a publicly available cognitive training program. He became CEO of Posit Science in 2011.

Previously, he served as consultant at McKinsey focused on health care and video games, and then as a science and technology advisor to the British government. Dr. Mahncke earned his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco, where he studied brain plasticity with Dr. Michael Merzenich.

What is BrainHQ?
BrainHQ, the interactive brain training program built by Posit Science, is your online headquarters for working out your brain. Think of it as a personal gym, where you exercise your memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence and navigation instead of your abs, delts, and quads. Just as our bodies require care and exercise over the course of life, so do our brains—especially as we age. BrainHQ provides the exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest.