Intelligent decisions require the ability to call up, compare, and manipulate multiple pieces of information, often within a limited time. Juggle Factor challenges you to hold more information in your working memory while manipulating that information. This exercise challenges your ability to make rapid decisions and solve problems in complex environments.

In Juggle Factor, you are presented with a sequence of numbers that are placed within moving circles. Your task is to reconstruct the sequence in the right order and in the right locations. The number of items in the sequence grows as you improve at the task. As you progress through training, the moving object trajectories become more complex and the speed increases.

As you move through this intelligence exercise for the brain, it gets harder in these ways:

  1. The number of items to remember in the sequence increases
  2. The digit presentation order changes from forward to backward to random
  3. The object trajectories become more complex
  4. The object speed increases
  5. The addition of distracters

How to

What you do

Reconstruct a sequence of numbers in the correct locations.

Skills targeted

  • Intelligence

How the exercise changes

  • Object trajectories
  • Object speed

How you’re scored

Your score is the sequence length.

Exercise Screenshots