With all the products out there that claim to improve brain health, it can be hard to sift through the clutter and figure out what will actually work. We are confident that our exercises for training your brain are the best available. Why? Here are a few of the reasons.

Our Clinical Proof

More than 100 research papers, many of them published in prestigious journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association, show that our brain-training technologies are uniquely effective. These studies aren’t about other companies’ products, or about “keeping active” in general; instead, they have examined Posit Science’s technologies directly. What they show is that for the average person in the study, our exercises truly speed up and sharpen the brain. (Of course, every study is conducted on a different group of people; most of ours have been conducted on adults 50+.) This level of proof is unique among brain fitness companies. While other companies sell brain-training products, few have undergone any clinical testing, and, to date, no others have been subjected to this broad array of multiple independent, peer-reviewed studies.

Importantly, these studies show that the exercises don’t just improve your ability to do the BrainHQ exercises. BrainHQ is unique in that it contains exercises shown to “generalize,” or create improvements in cognition beyond the exercise. And that means you can think faster, focus better, and remember more in your everyday life. Learn more about our study findings.

Our Science Team

Our in-house science team is led by one of brain plasticity’s world experts, Dr. Michael Merzenich. Our CEO Henry Mahncke also holds a PhD in neuroscience. We have a stable of neuroscience PhDs on staff who conceive, create, and update our exercises, and continuously test new training programs in independently funded studies (to date, over $13 million in independent grant money) with university collaborators. In addition, we work collaboratively with a global team of scientists from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and other leading institutions to design and test our exercises. See our list of collaborators or learn more about our in-house science staff.

Our Breakthrough Approach

Posit Science takes a breakthrough approach to brain fitness. Our exercises don’t just drill memory or teach compensatory tricks. Instead, many of them target important roots of memory and thinking—the ability of the brain to absorb information from our eyes, ears, and other senses. Learn more about our patented design.

Our Customer Stories

Thousands of people have used our technologies, and many of them have shared their stories of their experience with BrainHQ. Read their stories.