Following a conversation in a crowded restaurant. Keeping up with a fast-talking grandkid. Catching a question from a mumbling shopkeeper. Understanding a colleague with an accent. Learning a foreign language.

Being your best in day-to-day interactions requires sharp listening skills. When our brains accurately interpret what others say, we have easier and more fulfilling interactions—with our spouses, around the Thanksgiving table, at work, everywhere. We can also remember what they said better.

You may not be aware that sharp listening depends as much on the brain as on the ears. After age 30, the brain’s auditory processing gradually slows down, making it harder to understand speech, especially when someone is speaking quickly or in a noisy environment.

The auditory exercises in BrainHQ are clinically proven to speed up processing by an average of 135% to help people hear clearly in any situation. In fact, studies show that people of all ages who use the exercises achieve brain speeds that match that of the average 20-something. That speedy processing promotes good conversation … and prevents miscommunication.