Quicker Reactions

I'm not usually that good of a softball player. However, one Sunday after doing [BrainHQ], I was, for the first time, playing third base. At the crack of the bat, I moved right to the ball and cleanly fielded it. Clearly, [BrainHQ] has done amazing things for my reflexes and my ability to process visual information. Even my batting was much better!Howard N.

How quickly you can react to something depends on how quickly your brain registers it. The sooner your brain processes a tennis ball flying towards you, the sooner you can move to return it. The faster it sees a cat darting into the street, the faster you can step on the brakes. The quicker it spots a toy on the stairs the more time it has to prevent you from tripping. In short, a quicker brain means a quicker body.

So whether you want to field a ball more cleanly, like Howard, or catch a sippy-cup falling off a table, it helps to have the fastest brain you can. The BrainHQ exercises can help you get there.