Welcome MPI Cognition users who have been trained in The Bredesen Protocol! This document details how to activate your own BrainHQ account, explore BrainHQ yourself, and set up your patient portal.

How Get Set Up with BrainHQ

As an provider trained in The Bredesen Protocol, you are entitled to a BrainHQ account and patient portal.  If you need help setting up your account or patient portal, contact our Customer Delight support team at (877) 573-7059 or by emailing support@brainhq.com. Our team is available Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific time.

Get Familiar with BrainHQ Before Introducing It to Your Patients

Once you are set up with a BrainHQ account of your own, this account should have a BrainHQ license provided by MPI Cognition, which gives you complete access to all of the BrainHQ training. We hope you do some training before you share BrainHQ with your patients, as we have found that patients are much more likely to stick with the training if they know that the person who recommended it has personally experienced training on BrainHQ.

Since we likely have already created your account for you, all you need to do is create your personal password.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to www.brainhq.com/#reset_pw and enter your email address to have a password email sent to you.
  2. Follow the instructions in that email to set your password and log in to BrainHQ.

Once logged in, we highly recommend you try out the personal training feature, which creates a training schedule based on your training history, using all the training data we collect as you train to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This method of training is also what we recommend you ask your patients to do. To access it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the training home page by clicking on the “training” tab at the top of BrainHQ.com
    (if you are not already there).
  2. Click on the “explore” button.
  3. On the personal training tab, click “get started.”

(Note: It gets easier the next time around: once you complete one level of training on the personal training page, the central button on the home page will default to the personal training feature.)

Do I need to try all of BrainHQ before I get started with patients?

No. BrainHQ has 29 exercises and we add more as new science comes out; we don’t expect you to try all 29 exercises before offering BrainHQ to your patients. Although the exercises train many different cognitive skills (Attention, Brain Speed, Memory, People Skills, Intelligence, and Navigation), they all follow a similar structure. The idea is just to get a sampling so that you’re familiar with the basic structure.

  • Each exercise has its own tutorial which is automatically shown when an exercise has either never been done before or has not been done recently.
  • Each exercise has multiple stages. In each stage, there are multiple levels that share
    a similar stimuli set, but vary in base difficulty.
  • Each level algorithmically adapts based on correct and incorrect replies so that almost
    anyone can benefit from training in that level, regardless of their individual performance.

If you’d like to learn more about specific exercises, you can read short, one-page explanations of both the science and practical instructions by either clicking “the exercises” link at the bottom of any page, or by going to the About the BrainHQ Exercises page. We highly recommend you check these out and refer your patients to
them if they have questions.

Now, how do I set up a patient?

As part of the partnership with MPI Cognition and Posit Science, you have access to the BrainHQ Group Portal. This portal page will allow you to set up BrainHQ accounts for your clients and monitor their training progress. Also, through this portal you can set up admin accounts for any members of your team who will be helping you with this.

  1. To access the BrainHQ Group Portal, go to portal.brainhq.com. Since the portal page is integrated into the BrainHQ website, but hidden from patients, you can log in using the same email and personal password you use to access your training.  
  2. Once logged in, you will need to create a group. Please name it something informative, like the name of your practice, as it will be how we find your group if you ever need assistance. (If you know that someone else at your practice is also a MPI Cognition partner and you would like to share a group and patients, please reply to this email and let us know so that we can arrange this.)
  3. Now that you have a group set up, you can add members, both patients and other admin team members, to your group. To do this, click the "+ add user" button.
  4. Please complete the form. To do so, you will need to know:
    • Name
    • Email (this will be their log in)
    • Password (you will need to save this and give it to the user)

If you don’t know new group members’ email addresses, you will not be able to set them up, so please get this information from patients in advance. If a patient doesn’t have an email address, it is recommended they use one from a trusted caregiver. If you and your patient forget their password, they can always click "get new password" on the login screen to get emailed a password reset email.

Once a member is added to your group you will see them appear in the list below. Using this list, you can quickly see who in your group has trained recently and how many levels of training they have done.

If you’d like more detail on an individual, you can impersonate them, meaning you can log in as them to view their account just as they would see it. When you are impersonating a patient, you can also click on the training tab and make adjustments to their training, like setting preferences on their personal training schedule, or assigning them a training course, all without having to be in front of their computer, iPad, or whatever device they are training on. When you are done impersonating a group member you can simply close the window to return to the group portal page.

For a complete reference guide to using portal.brainhq.com, please download the PDF here.

Group members can also be made admins by clicking the toggle switch in the admin column to "yes." Admins have full access to the same group portal page as you and can do everything you can do, including setting up new group members and impersonating patient accounts. This feature means that you and your staff don’t need to share a single login and, rather, can all have your own accounts, making you HIPAA compliant.

Okay, what if I have questions?

We are here to help! Over the next few weeks we plan to organize several conference calls/webinars to review the features of BrainHQ and answer any questions you have. Because we know that schedules vary, we will schedule them at several different times. Please look for the invitations.

If you are having technical trouble or can’t log in, you can call our Customer Delight support team at (877) 573-7059. Our team is available Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific time. Although they are not scientists, our specialists know BrainHQ in depth and will be able to answer most questions. They can also be reached by clicking "help" while logged in to BrainHQ.com. If you would like to be escalated to the team leader, Dan Tinker, or a member of our science team, they can help with that as well.