BrainHQ is included as part of The Bredesen Protocol-a personalized and comprehensive program for preventing and reversing cognitive decline. This page offers resources to learn more about BrainHQ and help practitioners trained in The Bredesen Protocol learn how to help their clients use BrainHQ.

Getting Started

Before using BrainHQ with your clients, there are two important steps to take:

  1. Get familiar with the program yourself. Exploring the program before assigning it to your clients can help you understand and answer their questions and concerns. To access BrainHQ:
    1. Create your own account on (You may already have an account set up. If it says your email is in use, select the “forgot password” option to reset it and log in.)
    2. Log in and try the personal training feature, which is what the ReCODE Report will recommend for your clients.For complete instructions on trying out BrainHQ, view this page.
  2. Get your portal set up. Your BrainHQ portal allows you to track your clients’ progress and performance. To have your portal set up, please contact the BrainHQ customer support team at (877) 573-7059 or Then, review this page for detailed instructions on using your portal.

Promoting BrainHQ to Your Clients

BrainHQ Trifold

To provide your clients with a wealth of information on BrainHQ, download and print this trifold. You can use the blank space on the back to include your contact information. (Fits labels 1 ½ inches x 3 inches or smaller.)


For an easy giveaway, download and print bookmarks that give basic information about BrainHQ and provide a space for your contact information. (Fits labels 3 inches x 1 ½ inches or smaller.)


To interest your clients to BrainHQ, you may want to show them these videos, which introduce BrainHQ and its purpose.

What is BrainHQ?
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Founders Story
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Founder’s Story
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Onboarding Your Clients

BrainHQ One-Pager
Once a client has signed up for the ReCODE Report that is provided as part of the Bredesen Protocol, they will need to know how to use BrainHQ. Download this one-pager to email or print out and give to them so they will know what to do.

Learn More about BrainHQ

The Science of BrainHQ
Find in-depth information on the scientific basis of BrainHQ and well as the 100+ research papers that have been published on the program’s efficacy. Learn more.

The BrainHQ Exercises
BrainHQ’s exercises work out attention, memory, brain speed, intelligence, people skills, and navigation. Learn about each exercise, its scientific design, and its targeted cognitive skills. Learn more.

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