As of Jan. 1st 2014, support ended for the CD-ROM versions of Brain Fitness Program, InSight, or Drivesharp. While we know we do have a small but incredibly dedicated group of people still using these programs, we are focusing our efforts on BrainHQ. BrainHQ has all of the exercises in these legacy programs as well as many more exercises we have developed since our original products were released. We sincerely believe that focusing and improving on BrainHQ will allow us to bring it to more devices that will ultimately allow us to deliver the best brain training experience possible.

We would like to help every customer who purchased a copy of Brain Fitness Program, InSight, or Drivesharp to upgrade to BrainHQ. Please use the link below to complete the form. For every valid registration or activation code you enter, we will email you with a 2-year gift code to BrainHQ within 5 business days.