The Mind Club: Who Thinks, What Feels, and Why It Matters

In this intriguing book, Daniel Wegner and Kurt Gray explore how we ascribe thoughts—a mind—to others. This exploration doesn’t just address how we think about the minds of other people (though it does that, too). It also includes animals, robots, God, and much more. The authors argue that how we think about the minds of others can affect our treatment of them. It’s what makes it seem reasonable to eat some animals and keep others as pets, what drives us to protect some people and harm others, and what determines many other “moral” decisions we make as we interact with the world.

Coming of Age on Zoloft: How Antidepressants Cheered Us Up, Let Us Down, and Changed Who We Are

10% of Americans over the age of six regularly use an anti-depressant like Zoloft or Prozac. As one of those people, Katherine Sharpe wanted to know how it was affecting her identity, her relationships, and her generation as a whole. Using personal self-reflection, interviews, culture, and history, she paints a clear and complex picture of “the antidepressant generation” with thoughtfulness and depth.