Crime and punishment

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

Often, we think of our conscious thoughts as the major players in our brains. But in Incognito, neuroscientist David Eagleman makes the case that our conscious minds are out of the loop in most of what we do. Our instincts, our desires, our motor functions—many of the things we think, feel, and accomplish happen in neural sub-routines outside our conscious control. “We are not at the center of ourselves,” Mr.

The Psychopath Test: A Journey through the Madness Industry

Do you worry you might be a psychopath? If so, then you’re almost certainly not one. This is just one of the interesting findings Jon Ronson presents in his new book, which looks at psychopathy from a variety of angles. With training from one of the world’s leading experts on the topic, Ronson seeks out psychopaths of different stripes—from a terrorist to a prominent CEO—to see what makes them tick. Despite the disturbing topic, Ronson manages to make the reader laugh, cringe, and learn all at once.